Transforming Nursing with Sage Publishing

The Transforming Nursing Practice series brings you an extensive list of key topics for all aspects of nursing, we’ve got some of the new editions below for you to see and a downloadable title listing at the bottom of this post.

Succeeding in Literature Reviews and Research Project Plans for Nursing Students

The book guides readers from start to finish, beginning with choosing a nursing topic and developing questions about it, then accessing and critically reviewing research literature, considering ethical issues, proposing research where applicable, and finally, writing up and completing the literature review or research proposal.

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Nursing

Carefully designed to provide an integrated introduction to both the biology of disease and the therapeutic agents that are used to manage them. It covers the basics of pharmacology, the core pathological concepts of inflammation, infection and cancer, as well as a systems based consideration of the pathophysiology and relevant pharmacology of common disorders.

Nursing Adults with Long Term Conditions

With the number of people living with long term conditions set to increase, ensuring nurses are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to care for this group of people is essential. This book focuses on the relevant essential knowledge and skills, including the impact of long term conditions across the lifespan, the therapeutic relationship, health promotion and empowerment, self-management, symptom management, case management and advance care planning.

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