The New Dawson Books Website Delivers Content You Don’t Want to Miss!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new Dawson Books website – our marketing portal, designed to deliver insight and information to help you in your everyday role.

The new website will provide fresh opinions, industry news, publisher promotions, event information and Dawson updates; which we think is all good stuff, but one of the most exciting things it will bring is title lists. Whether based on top sellers in subject areas, new and recent releases, titles based on themes or simply lists of recommendations created by what others are buying – everyday we’ll be posting new lists to keep you coming back; there are a number of lists already posted as a starter for 10. You will need to register/login in order to view these lists – we don’t just want anyone privy to this information, they are designed specifically for our customers.

And this is your opportunity to tell us about anything else you’d like to see. If there are specific lists you’d like us to create, simply let us know and we’ll add them to… well, our list! We want to ensure we deliver content that is valuable for you, so any feedback, suggestions or ideas around anything on the new website will be greatly received and acted upon – email marketing

We hope you enjoy the new website. Visit our title lists by clicking here.

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