Supporting you and your students

Dear Customer,

Dawson Books are working hard to help libraries during these unusual times. There are a range of services that Dawson currently offer to support students who will be working remotely, make sure that libraries don’t miss important titles, and help you get back to normal as quickly as possible when the time comes.

If you’d like further information, or to set any of these up, please send us an email at The Customer Services Team are all now working from home and have access to all of our systems as usual.

Andy Soanes, Sally Barber, Stephen Mitchell, Felicity Slack, Miguel de Castro, Heather Sherman and Janet Moore are working as normal from their remote locations. If there’s anything they can help you with, please contact them.

We’re also working on some new initiatives and will share details of these as soon as we can.

All of the team at Dawson Books send you their best wishes for the challenging times ahead.


We can setup monthly alerts on dawsonenter to inform you of new and forthcoming titles that may be of interest. To do this we just need the following information:

  • Your email address
  • Format – print, ebook, or both
  • Readership level – any combination of postgraduate, professional, undergraduate, college
  • Maximum price
  • Place of publication – UK selected by default
  • Language of publication – English selected by default
  • Dewey numbers to match on

Purchase suggestions

We can generate lists of titles in any subject area that we can either send to you, or create lists and baskets in dawsonenter ready for you to use for ordering against.

Ebook title matches

Lists of titles that your University has previously purchased as print books that are now available as ebooks. Just let us know you’d like these to be run and we’ll do the rest.

Short term rentals

dawsonera supports short term rental of ebooks for a fraction of the full price, with the option to automatically approve rentals under a predefined price. Rentals are setup in the Admin portal, we can provide guidance on setting this up.

Patron Driven Acquisition

Enable access to thousands of unowned ebook titles for your students to preview and purchase automatically when purchase conditions you set are triggered. Contact us for a spreadsheet to capture your criteria.

Enable autopurchase of ebooks

Automatic purchase of further copies of ebooks

  • Triggered when remaining credits reach a pre-defined limit, or
  • The queue of readers waiting for a managed user access title reaches a pre-defined limit
  • Configured in the dawsonera admin portal – reader portal configuration – patron driven acquisition setup
  • Set a maximum price for auto-purchased titles

IP blocks

We’ve worked hard to remove as many IP blocks as possible. If you find that students are still experiencing difficulties with remote access, please pass on the IP address they want to connect from and we’ll remove the block the same day, or tell you why we can’t.

Wordery Affiliate scheme

Home delivery of print books. Provides exclusive discounts for Students, Staff and Associates on all purchases. The library also benefits through 7% cashback or a 9% credit with Dawson. If you use Talis Aspire, you can set Wordery up as your preferred partner.

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