Supporting you and your students during the Covid-19 Crisis

Dear Customer,

Dawson Customers – With effect from 1 April 2020

With unprecedented levels of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus crisis, we are taking some short-term measures to help sustain service delivery to our customers in the future.

While measures were undertaken to safeguard the spread of coronavirus across the 7 different locations in which we operate including contactless deliveries with our logistics partners, the risk is proving too great.

We therefore closed Dawson Books temporarily with effect from 1 April 2020 for print book orders, while our digital eBook business continues.

New and emerging information will guide us through the coming weeks and months, and we will be in touch as soon as we can with information about resuming services and meeting the future need of our customers and book readers.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your understanding during such strenuous circumstances.

In detail the following changes to our service are with immediate effect and until further notices:

Catalogue records

Print books – records will not be supplied as orders for physical books are being held.

Ebooks – You can continue to order ebooks but we will not be operating a Cataloguing service until Dawson Books returns to normal.

– We will only supply ebooks records where we already hold at least a CIP level record.

– If the record we hold is of a lower level, no record will be supplied.

– As a minimum you will receive an 856 tag with the URL to the purchased resource as part of your order confirmation so you can make immediate use of the purchased ebook.

– This change will automatically be applied to accounts who currently receive enhanced or standard level records from Dawson.

– If we make this change to your account, any records we do supply will be sent free of charge.

– We will log all of the orders affected, and provide full records, free of charge, once Dawson Books returns to normal operation.

Claims / cancellations / credit notes / returns

We will be unable to action any claims, cancellations, credit notes, or returns until Dawson Books returns to normal operation.


dawsonenter will remain available. You can continue to place orders and these will be processed when it is safe for our business to resume normal operation.


The dawsonera admin and reader portals will remain available

Over 240 publishers have agreed to removing the cap on usage of credit and  concurrent user access titles.

Please logon to dawsonenter for further information and the latest publisher list.


Print books – these will be held until Dawson Books returns to normal. The orders will be kept in our system, but will not be transmitted to suppliers as they are unlikely to be able to fulfil them.

No orders for print books will be shipped from our warehouse to customers until Dawson Books returns to normal operations.

Ebooks – orders for ebooks will be processed as normal.

Proposals / EDI Quotes / embedded order data /9XX

Files of records for Proposals / EDI Quotes / embedded order data / 9XX will be created as normal.

Reports / price queries / price letters

These will be generated as normal and sent via email / EDI.

Please note, if you have manual arrangements in place with us to edit these reports before they are sent out, these will be temporarily suspended.

Technical queries

We will respond to these on a best endeavours basis. Please be aware that we may not be able to respond immediately.

Any technical queries should be emailed to

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