Say goodbye to buying ebooks that don’t get used

It’s not unusual for libraries to see a percentage of the ebooks they purchase rarely used; this can be typical when buying background titles for departments from reading lists.

However, with budgets being squeezed and an ever growing demand to prove ROI, you need to be smart in how you choose the right content and manage your budgets. We can help.

dawsonera offers a title by title Patron Driven Acquisition model. There are two options available to Administrators:

  • Complete a PDA profile (selecting Subject area/Publishers/Price etc) and we will provide you with a list of content that matches your criteria.
  • Build your own tailored ebook collection using eISBN’s from reading lists, which can controlled by the Administrator uploading inclusion lists into the Admin Portal or via a managed service, whereby we are happy to do this on your behalf. ​

Purchase of the titles will only then occur when a trigger is activated by user behaviour – ensuring you only buy what users are accessing.

Triggers may include:
– X amount of 5 minute previews = auto purchase
– X amount of rentals = auto purchase
– X amount of Suggest for Purchase requests = auto purchase
– Continue reading option after 5 minute preview = auto purchase

Reports can also be provided to the library including usage, comparison and financial reports, to help demonstrate ROI.

If you are interested in this service and would like to set up PDA, simply supply your reading lists to and we’ll be in touch to discuss the details and setup

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