Radical Thinkers – Marx – celebrating 200 years!

Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing one hundred books a year.

As part of their collection they have been publishing sets within their ‘Radical Thinkers’ series, which brings together seminal works by leading left-wing intellectuals in a sophisticated blend of theory and thought.

The forthcoming set within this series, due in March 2018 is focused on Karl Marx.

Late Marx and the Russian Road
Marx and the Peripheries of Capitalism
by Teodor Shanin

By exploring Marx’s late writings on Russia, this classic book examines Marx’s attitudes to “developing” or “peripheral” societies. It includes the first full translation into English of Marx’s 1881 drafts concerning rural Russia.

PB: £11.99     ISBN:9781786636157

On Karl Marx
by Ernst Bloch

This study of Marx serves not only as an excellent introduction to that most influential of “worldly philosophers” but is also a significant statement of the central issues of Bloch’s own profound and wide-ranging thought.

PB: £11.99     ISBN:9781786636065

Really Existing Nationalisms
A Post-Communist View from Marx and Engels
by Erica Benner
Really Existing Nationalisms challenges the conventional view that Marx and Engels lacked the theoretical resources needed to understand nationalism. It argues that the two thinkers had a much better explanatory grasp of national phenomena than is usually supposed, and that the reasoning behind their policy towards specific national movements was often subtle and sensitive to the ethical issues at stake. This new edition includes a new introduction.
PB: £11.99     ISBN:9781786634788

The Theory of Need in Marx
by Agnes Heller
From Marx’s varying and passing interpretations of a theory of need, Agnes Heller unravels the main tendencies and demonstrates the importance which Marx attached to the “restructuring” of a system of needs going beyond the purely material.
PB: £11.99     ISBN:9781786636126

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