Is the book you would like to purchase Out of Print?

Our experienced team will find it for you.

Dawson Books offer 3 different Out of Print acquisition options to suit your buying needs and workflow.

Open Direct Open Extra Open Extra +
Order method Dawson Enter


Dawson Enter


Manual order

Original order transferring
Source/availability Alibris/limited Global Global
Who searches? Customer Dawson team Dawson team
Profile form needed? No Yes Yes
Servicing/cataloguing option Yes Yes Yes
Special requirements OP/AL number available on DawsonEnter Quote “OP/CL”
Fee 22% 22%
Discount Same as regular books


  • Dawson take care of payment
  • Regular Dawson invoice
  • Processing as per criteria specified by the customer
  • If an item’s availability falls out of the customer’s criteria we will advise accordingly and options will be given where possible

“Using the Out of Print service offered by Dawson Books has helped us streamline the Out of Print ordering process in our library. The service allows all members of the acquisitions team to be involved in ordering and has reduced staff time on corporate credit card administration. Before using the service around about 20% of all our orders were made on the corporate credit card. Since we started using the service in March 2016 we have reduced this to an average of 14% or so.

When we started using the service we anticipated a rise in the cost of the books supplied. However, the average cost of books supplied by Dawson was £38.48 (including shelf ready costs) whereas the average cost of an order placed with an online retailer was £47.10 (not including shelf ready processing).

We have received good support from the Out of Print team, receive regular communications about orders, and are very happy with the service

Tim Buckle – Acquisitions Co-ordinator – Durham University


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