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Bonobos: Unique in Mind, Brain and Behaviour
Eds. Brian Hare & Shinya Yamamoto
ISBN 9780198728511
Pub Date – 12.10.2017
RRP: £90.00

This book consists of contributions from leading experts all studying the behaviour, cognition, neurobiology, and development of bonobos living in captivity, sanctuaries, and the wild.




The Correspondence of Charles Hutton (1737-1823): Mathematical Networks in Georgian Britain
Benjamin Wardhaugh
ISBN 9780198805045
Pub Date – 30.11.2017
RRP: £75.00

This book contains all the letters that are known to survive from the correspondence of Charles Hutton (1737-1823). Hutton was one of the most prominent British mathematicians of his generation; he played roles at the Royal Society, the Royal Military Academy, the Board of Longitude, the ‘philomath’ network and elsewhere. This is the first ever collated edition of Charles Hutton’s correspondence bringing together material from nearly 30 archives with a full introduction and exploratory notes.



Eric M. Furst & Todd M. Squires
ISBN 9780199655205
Pub Date – 05.10.2017
RRP: £55.00

This book presents a comprehensive overview of microrheology, emphasizing the underlying theory, practical aspects of its implementation, and current applications to rheological studies in academic and industrial laboratories.  It pulls together the resources in a single, accessible volume and enables readers to understand the fundamental strengths and limitations of the methods by providing the reader with the best experimental practices and common pitfalls.



Calorimetry: Energy Measurement in Particle Physics – 2nd Ed.
Richard Wigmans
ISBN 9780198786351
Pub Date – 14.09.2017
RRP: £85.00

This is the expanded and improved second edition of the ‘Bible of Calorimetry’. It is a comprehensive text based on vast body of work scattered in scientific literature. It serves as both reference text and detailed introduction of calorimetry and the author is recognized as world’s leading expert on topic. The reader is expected to have no more than undergraduate-level physics knowledge. New to this edition is the emphasis on new developments in calorimetry since 2000, e.g. dual-readout, particle flow analysis and there is a new chapter that addresses beam tests, and the misconceptions that exist about analysis of data from such tests.


Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae
Eds. Tyler J. Carrier, Adam Reitzel & Andreas Heyland
ISBN 9780198786962
Pub Date – 07.12.2017
RRP: £80.00

The first definitive book on the ecology of marine invertebrate larvae for more than 20 years. It summarizes and integrates the latest research into their physiology, ecology, and evolution. It includes a conceptual section on climate change and larval ecology at the extremes with contributions from the world’s leading researchers in the field and provides a fresh agenda for future research.


Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology and Evolution
Eds. Aaron M. Ellison & Lubomir Adamec
ISBN 9780198779841
Pub Date – 21.12.2017
RRP: £95.00

Ellison and Adamec have assembled the world’s leading experts to provide a truly modern examination of every aspect of physiology, biochemistry, genomics, ecology, and evolution of these remarkable plants, culminating in a description of the serious threats they now face from over-collection, poaching, habitat loss, and climatic change which directly threaten their habitats and continued persistence in them. Summarizes the latest research into the physiology, ecology, and evolution of carnivorous plants.





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