New Social Sciences & Humanities Library Reference Titles from Routledge

Routledge have a long and proud tradition of publishing the finest works in both the Social Sciences and Humanities – and in 2018 this is no exception.

We are pleased to present our latest library reference works in which world-class scholars:

  • Reflect on the history of – yet the very current – field of artificial intelligence
  • Explore the history of evil across multiple cultures and times, from 2000 BCE to the present day
  • View American society and culture, post WWII, through the unique lens of slang

As well as much more, for the fields of Anthropology, History, Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion.

Virtue Ethics
Edited by Tom Angier
Pub. Date: 16.03.2018
HB ISBN: 9780415640886



Classic Essays in Early Rabbinic Culture and History
Edited by Christine Hayes
Pub. Date: 20.03.2018
HB ISBN: 9781409425052



The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Second Language Acquisition
Edited by Chuanren Ke
Pub. Date: 29.03.2018
HB ISBN: 9781138946606



The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English – 2nd Ed.
Edited by Tom Dalzell
Pub. Date: 30.03.2018
HB ISBN: 9781138779655



Socrates II
Edited by William Prior
Pub. Date: 09.04.2018
HB ISBN: 9781138811362



Artificial Intelligence
Edited by Various
Pub. Date: 16.06.2018
HB ISBN: 9780815385660



The History of Evil
Series Edited by Chad Meister & Charles Taliaferro
Pub. Date: 21.06.2018
HB ISBN: 9781138237162



The History of the Philosophy of Mind – 6 Volume Set
Edited by Rebecca Copenhaver & Christopher Shields
Pub. Date: 16.07.2018
HB ISBN: 9781138925359

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