Let the voting begin for dawsonera improvements

After we’ve completed our current ‘New Business Models’ project for dawsonera we will be looking at monthly developments and ‘sprints’.

In case you are unaware of what a ‘sprint’ is – it’s a term used in IT to determine a short period (usually 2 weeks) where the development team deliver small, incremental changes to the platform. These enhancements get implemented on the site at the end of the period. It means there are continuous updates and improvements being made.

Whilst we’ve always worked in this way, choosing what gets added to the list and prioritised has usually been completed internally, but now we have the ability to let you decide.

Through our new Dawson Books website we will be publishing a list of tweaks/improvements that have been requested and asking you to vote on what you’d like to see worked on first. Each of our ‘sprints’ will be created based on those items topping the poll.

This will give you the opportunity to change the platform and prioritise work based on your requirements and preferences; ensuring our development roadmap is always customer driven.

Before voting begins we want to ensure we have the right enhancements on the list, so we’re asking you to be completely honest about the functionality and small improvements you’d like to see – we’ll take your suggestions and add them to the poll.

New ideas can be added at any stage, as it will be a rolling list with any developments voted into the sprint removed and any additions added in their place for the next round.

This new process will be launched after Easter and we will email you with the link to the site where you can make your opinion count. In the meantime, we’d like to hear from you with any suggested/required developments/tweaks you’d like to be added – please email enquiries@dawsonera.com

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