Law Express from Pearson

Pick up the UK’s bestselling law revision titles today and pre-order over a dozen new editions coming in June and July 2020.

Each title is designed to help students understand how to review essential cases, statues and legal terms, as well showing them how to assess and approach a subject through expert advice.

Check out some of the highlights and download the complete series list (with product links) at the bottom of the page.

Letters To A Law Student | 9781292149240 | RRP £19.99

Packed with practical advice and helpful answers to the most common questions about studying law at University.

Law Express: Contract Law | 7th edition | 9781292295374 | Pub date 07/07/2020 | RRP £12.99

Including chapters on Agreement and Contractual Intention, Contracts and Third Parties, and Discharge of a Contract.

Law Express: Contract Law | 6th edition | 9781292210124 | Available now | RRP £12.99

Law Express : Tort Law | 8th edition | 9781292295497 | Pub date 13/07/2020 | RRP £12.99

Including chapters on Negligence: The Duty of Care, Rylands v Fletcher, and Liability for Defective Products.

Law Express: Tort Law | 7th edition | 9781292210261 | Available now | £12.99

Law Express Question and Answer resources are designed to ensure students get the most marks for every answer they write, understand what examiners are looking for, and show them how to make their answers stand out.

Law Express Question and Answer: Employment Law | 9780273783718 | RRP £12.99

Law Express Question and Answer: Family Law | 9780273783633 | RRP £12.99

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