How we can help you source titles

Dawson have many ways we can help you source titles…
Title matching

We offer a number of title match reports, including:

Supplied Collection

This report matches against a spreadsheet that you supply – this may be a ‘Short Loan Collection’, or ‘Subject Collection’.  The ISBN, or eISBN (10 or 13) must appear in column one, only one ISBN per field.

Subject Report

This report matches ebook titles by Dewey Decimal Code. If you do not use Dewey please ask for match by subject ie; Biology, Psychology, Agriculture

Printed Acquisitions vs. ebook availability

This report compares your printed acquisitions (up to the last 5 financial years) against titles that are available on the dawsonera ebook platform.


Title lists

Every day we’re producing title lists based on a host of different selection criteria – from best selling lists based on time periods or subject areas, to lists based on value of  titles or type of title.

All lists are available through the login on our website (to ensure they are for Dawson Books customers only) and each week we send out mailers with all the lists included. If you have gaps in your collections that you’d like to fill, but need help with lists of the best titles to include these are a great starting point.

We can also create custom lists for your own needs, simply get in touch and let us know your criteria.


New course content

Let us make your job of title selection easier.

At Dawson we can create title lists and recommendations for new course content based on what other institutions have purchased and top sellers in the specified subject areas.

Working with you we can narrow down your selection to meet your budget and requirements.


  • STEP 1 – Get in touch
  • STEP 2 – Tell us what new courses you have on the horizon
  • STEP 3 – Provide us with any specific considerations; i.e. budget, exclusions, etc.
Once we have the information, we’ll do the hard work; producing title lists (both print and e) of the most appropriate content to choose from.
If you would like our assistance in this area, click on the button below and take the first step.

On receipt of your request we’ll confirm your requirements and work quickly to produce your lists.


Out of print


Our experienced team will find it for you.

Dawson Books offer 3 different Out of Print acquisition options to suit your buying needs and workflow.

Open Direct Open Extra Open Extra +
Order method Dawson EnterEDI Dawson EnterEDI

Manual order

Original order transferring
Source/availability Alibris/limited Global Global
Who searches? Customer Dawson team Dawson team
Profile form needed? No Yes Yes
Servicing/cataloguing option Yes Yes Yes
Special requirements OP/AL number available on DawsonEnter Quote “OP/CL”
Fee 22% 22%
Discount Same as regular books


  • Dawson take care of payment
  • Regular Dawson invoice
  • Processing as per criteria specified by the customer
  • If an item’s availability falls out of the customer’s criteria we will advise accordingly and options will be given where possible

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