Announcing new functionality on dawsonera

We’re pleased to announce in the latest release, dawsonera introduces the ability to choose which purchase model is used first, where multiple copies are owned under different purchase models.

Presently, titles owned under the credit model are used first and once the credits are depleted, the Managed User Access (MUA) copy will kick in.

Super administrator users can now change the order in which purchase models are used by logging in to the Admin Portal and heading to Admin > Admin Portal Configuration. Simply tick “enable purchase model consumption preference” and select the order required.

If MUA is selected as option 1 and the credit model as option 2, the first user will be able to access the title under the usual MUA restrictions (as set in Admin > Reader Portal Configuration > Managed User Access). If a second user attempts to access the title, they will be able to access the title under the usual credit restrictions. Only when all credits have been used and the title is checked out to another user, will users see the option to add to queue/preview.

Please note, this will apply to all titles in your collection.

If you have any further questions, please contact

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