What’s on the horizon for Connect Books?

It has recently been announced that Connect Group is to hold the Connect Books Company for sale; this includes Bertrams, Bertram Library Services, Dawson Books, Wordery, Erasmus and Houtschild.

This statement is the first step in Connect Group’s plan to accelerate progress of its integration of Smiths News and Tuffnells as part of its strategy to become a specialist distribution business.

The Connect Group are clear that Connect Books will be sold as a single entity. The ambition is to continue to invest and grow the business profitably continuing to provide customers with the best range, availability, service and insight into the market.

Our results from last year reflect a mixed picture across the public and academic market with budget challenges in the public sector and some key projects in the international academic sector driving a solid contribution.

For the Library businesses specifically, over the past year, we have invested £2.8m and are continuing to actively invest in dawsonenter, dawsonera and our service offering. This includes developing partnerships with others, such as Kortext, and we are currently recruiting for additional people to support the delivery of the 2018 strategic and operational plans now being implemented.

Having recently been named as one of the key suppliers on the Joint Consortia Book Agreement (the largest Higher Education Framework in the UK), as well as winning the Educational Authority Northern Ireland Contract and the LGMA Framework Agreement for Southern Ireland, we remain focused on strengthening our business.

We would like to assure all customers that it is business as usual at Dawson Books.

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