Why use Dawson Books for your library supply?

The dilemma

As the availability and use of digital articles and books increase, physical space within your library becomes a premium, budgets are squeezed and there is an ever increasing demand to justify value; whilst of course ensuring you meet student and faculty demand, you are obliged to consider what items should remain on your shelves. Let’s not forget this is while juggling the balance of expenditure on information resources and staffing.

So what are you to do?

It’s time to rethink.

How can you develop a closer understanding of the relationships between library activities on the one hand, and learning and research outcomes on the other?

How can you demonstrate and communicate the value of your services in achieving institutional goals?

How can you purchase and deliver resources efficiently and effectively, ensuring you meet demand?

How can you innovate and develop your service offering to meet the needs of users and support your institutional mission, whilst achieving significant cost savings?

How can you influence publishers’ policies on pricing and accessibility to improve take-up and reduce cost?

Dawson Books is the answer…

At our core is an ever-growing global team of experts and leaders within the book industry, providing more insight, more knowledge and more developments for the future – delivering a range of products and services to aid you and your users in the process of book acquisition and supply; whether ebooks, print or both.

Our continued commitment to understanding our customers gives us the knowledge of wants and needs that allows us to solve problems and develop and deliver systems which take the pain away from purchasing; whether that’s our patron driven acquisition tool, current reading list management tool and one click ordering or future tools and monitoring systems which you need to demonstrate and communicate the value of your services in achieving the institutional goals.

And, our longstanding publisher relations and the leverage of a large customer base, enables us to supply essential publications efficiently and gives us the ability to provide you with exclusive discounts on titles and services you won’t find anywhere else. Not only that, we work collaboratively with our customers to influence publishers and drive the change you need.


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