COUNTER Release 5

New COUNTER Release 5, in partnership with ScholarlyIQ.

We’re always looking to upgrade and improve the dawsonera experience; to enable efficiency and better book management for libraries.

So, we’re excited to announce that dawsonera has  partnered with ScholarlyIQ; to provide support for the Platform Master, Platform Usage, Title Master, Book Requests, Book Access Denied and Book Usage By Access Type reports.

Lorraine Estelle, Director of Counter says; “COUNTER Release 5 will help librarians evaluate the use of eBook and demonstrate the library’s value to faculty and administrators. We are delighted that dawsonera has implemented the new release and will be providing consistent, creditable and comparable usage data.”

Counter 5 statistics can be harvested via SUSHI from the new portal.
You can register for SUSHI credentials from the Counter 5 portal.

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