Collaboratively working with the industry

Over the past year we’ve done a number of things to put Dawson Books at the forefront of leading change and collaborating for the good of the industry; from our
roundtable sessions and our more collaborative Dawson Day to key members of the Dawson Team presenting at events.

With a big voice and a proactive approach, we find plenty of opportunities to work with others for the good of our customers.

Collaborations include:
– Working with Oxford University Press to run a joint roundtable session at their premises (a stunning building), which we are currently organising. The event will be taking place in late February 2018 and more details will be posted in the New Year.

– Working with Taylor & Francis on the creation of co-branded content marketing pieces. The first of these will be a free downloadable ebook tackling a challenge we know librarians are struggling with – marketing the library to students. Some are using social media or events to bring students into the building or onto the library website, for example, but others are finding these tactics less effective. Working with both T&F and some of those librarians who have been successful we are well placed to offer help in this area.

– Helen Stratford (our Head of Digital and Marketing) was invited to represent all aggregators in industry discussions and work around Accessibility – Helen was
recommended by SAGE and the University of Kent thanks to the work Dawson undertook on the JISC accessibility audit with our own dawsonera platform; which both parties presented about at our latest Dawson Day.

– Finally based on our roundtables and the core challenges we’ve highlighted, we’ve been discussing working on a collaborative event with NAG to bring industry stakeholders together to begin tackling what we’ve found. Due to the number of topics to cover and the scope of each it’s likely this will be a series of several events. Attendees will include a mix of aggregators, publishers, influential librarians and other industry bodies such as purchasing consortia and we hope these events will result in action.

These are just a few of the things we are doing in our collaborative approach to give our customers a voice and help to drive the change in industry that libraries need/want. If you have other ideas or would like to work with us in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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