China’s Change – The Greatest Show On Earth

Winner of Best International Book Award at Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

China’s Change injects timely, original ideas into the world’s most important, if confused, debate over how to manage the twin challenges of anaemic economic growth and accelerating global disruption. Change is the cry from the US to Europe, Asia to Australasia. The snag is the West has no playbook to help. China however, to regain control of its future, has regularly reinvented itself by understanding change’s nature through traditional philosophy.

This book argues it is time to “Look at China” but stresses China’s approach to managing change only supplies the process not individual policies: the how not the what. Policies have to be created locally.

In managing change, traditional thought is China’s X-Factor, the key to China’s record-breaking economic transformation. To grasp this, China’s Change provides an understanding of China’s past, present and future through its philosophy, history, economics, business, politics, prospects and impact in a way that no other book has done.

Readership: General public interested in the social, political, economic and financial development of China as well as world affairs.

“Through the extraordinary array of people he has known and met over 40 years, Hugh Peyman tells the story of today’s China in a way that has never been done before”. – Tony Hall – BBC Director-General

“Really like the way this is going for ‘change’. China’s Change is onto something, allowing it to be philosophical economics, which is much more beguiling than straight economics, of course! Particularly drawn in by the question of ‘what is China getting right’.” – James Kynge – Financial Times Global China Editor

China’s Change The Greatest Show on Earth

May 2018 – Pages: 404 – By (author): Hugh Peyman

9789813231429 (hardback): £69

9789813231993 (paperback): £33

9789813231436 (ebook): £93.56

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