A sale announcement from Dawson Books

As you are aware Connect Group made an announcement regarding holding the Connect Books Company for sale in October…

We are writing to inform you that the sale of Connect Books to AURELIUS Equity Opportunities has been agreed today.

Whilst we are announcing the agreement today due to stock market regulations, the deal will not complete until we have approval from the German competition authorities. Given the level of our sales to Germany, and the lack of any sector overlap, this is a formality but a necessary one. Until completion we will remain owned by Connect Group. As soon as approval is given or at the latest by the middle of January, the deal will complete and ownership will transfer to AURELIUS.

This change in ownership will not affect the service we provide to you in any way, we will continue to offer you the range of services available from our business. AURELIUS has acquired the Connect Books group as part of a long term strategy and is committed to strengthening the current business. If you buy from us through a contract we can assure you that the agreement will continue to operate under the name of Dawson Books Ltd.

We promised to let you know any progress as and when it happened and so we are delighted we have found a suitable partner so quickly and avoided a long period of uncertainty.



AURELIUS Equity Opportunities is a listed pan-European investment company and is an active investor with a long-term investment horizon. It has extensive experience in the distribution sector, with investments operating across a broad number of sectors including IT & Business Services, Industrials & Chemicals, and Lifestyle & Consumer Goods. Aurelius is listed on the Munich Stock Exchange where it has a market capitalisation of EUR 1.7 billion. AURELIUS will support the Connect Books team to provide a solid platform to continue the planned growth strategy across its full brand range, with a focus on expanding the business’ international footprint, service offering, marketing capabilities and e-commerce platform.


Connect Books Reverting back to Bertram Group

On leaving Connect Group we have decided to revert back to Bertram Group for the holding company but will continue to focus our energies on driving the business unit brands of Bertram Books, Wordery.com, Dawson Books, Bertram Library Services, Erasmus, and Houtschild.

We continue day to day with business as usual, we are of course committed to updating you on all progress.


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